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planner was conceived by myself just before Download festival 2009, for the community.
However the ability to select who you'd like to see and no real way of printing it left its only practical use as a clash finder.
Come Download 2010 I was able to drastically expand upon my previous years effort, without changing visual functionality.
Several ideas for output options and improvements came about from members of the Download community.

Technical info

planner is coded in PHP and JavaScript, using Notepad++.
PDF output was made possible thanks to FPDF and several contributed scripts from their site too.
iCalendar output was made possible thanks to iCalcreator.
The creator's colour picker is a modified version of Farbtastic, by Steve Wittens. Download my edited version here.
Artist links are provided by MusicBrainz, thanks to their REST API.
Artist information and importing event information from Last.fm is thanks to their API.
Custom web fonts made with IcoMoon.


I'm Scott Ellis, from Bristol, England. (I'm also available for hire)
I enjoy sarcasm, disappointment, light farming and music.
I should add a contact email here.


If you would like to contact me, you can do so via , twitter or you can just drop me a note.
Feedback, bug reports, ideas etc are all very welcome, so please send away.
I will read each and message I receive and reply, if need be and I have a reply address.
If you would like to donate shiny things to me (or money, I'm not actually a magpie you see) then you can: via the magic of Paypal
I am open to commercial inquiries, if premium planners don't do it for you.


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