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Privacy policy

In the spirit of keeping things simple, and because I can't afford a laywer, I present things as they are.

Information collected and what it's used for:

  • The time a page is viewed, your IP address, the page that is being viewed, which page you came from and what web browser you're using.

    This data lets me see when people view the site, how they got to it and navigate around it and gives me a better understanding of what devices should be targetted.
    None of this information is passed on to third parties.

  • If you request a PDF then the performances you selected are also logged.

    This information is anonmised and used to build heat maps for events (which are cool to play with and look at).
    I'd like to be able to offer these heat maps to paying parties directly related to an event, as long as enough selection information is collected (1000+ selections), failing that then I guess I'll let anyone play with them.
    No raw information is passed on to third parties.

  • If you have an account then your Username, a salted hash of your password, the IP use last used the account with and the IDs of your 10 most recently edited planners are saved on the server. (Once we have email support in then your email address too, mostly this would be for password resets only)

    None of this information is passed on to third parties.

  • Oh also any planners you make/edit, their contents and any edit summaries you submit.

    This is kinda public information so if you're against that then you shouldn't really edit any content (unless you do it as guest, your IP will still be logged if you do so.)

  • What is saved on your viewing device?

    Cookies for your account information. (if you're logged in)
    Any selection information for planners you've visited. (Whilst this is transmitted to the server, it's never recorded!)
    And a flag that toggles between the full and mini views.
    None of this information is passed on to third parties.

I believe that is all.

If you'd like to remove all the set cookies by planner on this device, please click here.